Support Policy

This document describes the Passer support policy for Humanoid Control.

There will always be two active releases available for Humanoid Control: a Stable release and a Frontrunner release.

Stable Release

The stable release is intended for those who require a stable code base to develop their solutions. This release will be available through the Unity Asset Store. A stable release will receive all bugfixes, but does not receive functional improvements.

Stable releases will receive Standard Support until the next release is promoted to the new stable release, so there will always be only one stable release. When standard support is ended for a specific release it is possible to apply for a paid Extended Support contract for that release.

Frontrunner Release

The frontrunner release is intended for those who want to have the latest features. This release will be available through our website and can be retrieved by all customers. Unity Asset Store customers can access the latest releases though the Asset Store page. Frontrunner releases will receive all bugfixes, including those front the stable releases plus new functionality.

Frontrunner releases can be either in Beta stage or Released stage. When a new major release reaches Beta stage, the old Frontrunner release will be promoted to the new Stable release. All Frontrunner releases are covered by Standard Support.

Version numbering

Version numbers are used as follows:


Bugfixes version are used for both Stable and Frontrunner releases. Minor version number increments are only possible for Frontrunner releases, as they indicate the introduction of new functionality. A major version increment indicates the release of a new Frontrunner release, the promotion of the previous Frontrunner to the new Stable release and the end of Standard Support for the previous Stable release.

Beta versions will have ‘beta’ or ‘b’ as their minor version number.


At the time of writing this document we have the following releases:

  • Stable release: Humanoid Control v2.1.11
  • Frontrunner release: Humanoid Control v3.beta.2

The bugfix version numbers 11 (Stable release) and 2 (Frontrunner release) and incremented when a new bugfix release is made available. As all bugfixes of the Stable release are included in the Frontrunner release, both the Stable and Frontrunner release will increment to 12 and 3 respectively when bugs are solved in the Stable release. However it is also possible that the Frontrunner release only receives a bugfix release because it applies to functionality available only in the Frontrunner release. So it is possible that the Stable and Frontrunner release have different bugfix version numbers.

As Stable releases do not receive new functionality, their minor version number will not increment. So version 2.1 will be the last minor version for this Stable release.

When the Frontrunner release is released, it’s version number changes to 3.0.0. When new functionality is introduced later in the Frontrunner release, it’s version number will be incremented to 3.1.0.

When a new major release then made available, we will have a shift of releases:

  • Stable release: Humanoid Control v3.x.y
  • Frontrunner release: Humanoid Control v4.beta.0

Standard support will then end for the old Humanoid Control v2. For those who still rely on this version it is possible to apply for the paid Extended Support. In the Unity Asset Store, the Humanoid Control v2 will be replaced by the new Stable release v3. The new Frontrunner release v4 will then be available through our website.