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Very few games will give you a body in virtual reality because it is so hard to make. Instant VR solves this issue and gives every VR developer easy access to fully animated avatars. Animating avatars is hard. It requires …

InstantVR: no more virtual reality without an avatar Read More »

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In the past year my primary goal was to achieve full body tracking with only 3 trackers each supporting 6 degrees of freedom. I can state now that I have reached this goal and I am so excited that I …

InstantVR 2 preview demo: full body movements with DK2 and Hydra Read More »

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I have been playing and struggling with body movements the last few weeks. My body movements are mostly driven by the Razer Hydra. Recently I found out the a lot of information can be deduced from this device. I will …

Inverse kinematics for arms in Unity Free/Indie Read More »

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