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InstantVR demos

InstantVR Edge The following demo is the Grocery Store PUN demo from the InstantVR Edge package. It uses Photon/PUN networking to enable a multiplayer environment. Furthermore, it uses the advanced physics present in InstantVR Edge to enable collisions between the

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InstantVR: no more virtual reality without an avatar

Very few games will give you a body in virtual reality because it is so hard to make. Instant VR solves this issue and gives every VR developer easy access to fully animated avatars. Animating avatars is hard. It requires

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InstantVR 2 preview demo: full body movements with DK2 and Hydra

In the past year my primary goal was to achieve full body tracking with only 3 trackers each supporting 6 degrees of freedom. I can state now that I have reached this goal and I am so excited that I

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InstantVR v1.1.0 adds Oculus Rift support for Unity Free

Last week, Oculus released SDK 0.4.3. This SDK includes Rift support for Unity Free. The new version 1.1 of InstantVR implements this SDK and adds a number of other improvements. This version comes in the InstantVR Free and InstantVR Advanced

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Virtual hands and static object collisions

In a previous article I wrote about grabbing objects and moving them around,using Unity3d in a virtual reality environment but not everything in the world can be moved around. Therefore I will be discussing how you can deal with your

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