InstantVR introduction tutorial

In this video I will show

  • Importing InstantVR in a project
  • Building the Grocery Store demo for traditional, Oculus Rift, Gear VR and Cardboard
  • Including the avatar in a custom scene
  • Basic replacement of the avatar by a new mesh

Custom Avatars in InstantVR

This tutorial for InstantVR shows how to use custom avatars. Including

  • Avatars contained in the package
  • How to get floating hands
  • using other avatars
  • common issues when using other avatars
  • examples: Space Robot Kyle and Zombie from the Asset Store.

Using PlayMaker with InstantVR Advanced

InstantVR Advanced v3.3 introduces PlayMaker support. In this video I give an overview of how you can use the different actions in InstantVR.

Gaze, point and touch interaction tutorial

InstantVR version 3.7 introduces a new interaction module which enables you to use gaze, point and touch interaction to trigger events in the Unity Event System. This tutorial shows you how to implement such triggers and how they work in combination with the InstantVR interaction module.

Multiplayer VR with Unity Networking using InstantVR Edge

This video shows how to set up multiplayer VR using Unity Networking.

Multiplayer VR with Photon Networking using InstantVR Edge

This video shows how to set up multiplayer VR using Photon Networking.

Full body tracking with multiple sensors

With InstantVR you can use multiple sensors simultaneously to improve body tracking. In this demo I show a combine setup with Oculus Rift, Razer Hydra, Leap Motion and Microsoft Kinect 2.
The best tracking sensor is used for each body part. Sensors can be disabled for specific body parts and the priority between body parts can be changed. From InstantVR 3.2, the calibration implementation is greatly improved such that calibration during gameplay is no longer necessary.

Adding an avatar with full body movements to a car in Unity

This video shows a non-walking application of InstantVR Advanced. The avatar is place in a car in a sitting position. The hand movements will follow the steering position and the feet will move the brake and accelerator pedals. Of course you can look around using the Oculus Rift.

The car model itself can be downloaded here.

Adding virtual reality to Unity: InstantVR Advanced overview

Full overview of the InstantVR usage. This includes moving around with various input methods: mouse/keyboard, game controller and Razer Hydra + Oculus Rift. It is also shown how easy it is to replace the avatar mesh with a different one.